[Original Software] Large File Mail & link Extractor v1.3

This Extractor can extract email addresses from txt or csv or sql file.
Yes, some web extractor like “Email Extractor Lite” can do similar job.
The difference is this tool can handle any size file, any size which can be stored in your disk.
One of my test sample is that on an SSD, 6GB file can be completely extracted in 3 minutes.

update logs:
1. add excel file support (both xls and xlsx)
2. add “clear duplicates”
3. add “Split Files” (like split 100k emails for each file)
4. add auto search subfolders when select folder

support extract links

1. support select multiple files or select folder.
2. rewrite the UI to show more info to users
3. add sql file support

first version

Download Trial Version

Large File Mail & Link Extractor v1.2
Large File Mail Extractor v1.1
Large File Mail Extractor v1.0

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