[Original Software] EMail Sorter v2.0 – Tool for sorting emails from office365, godaddy, gmail, yahoo etc.

This software is used to sort emails depending on the email domain’s mx record

You load an email list, then the sorter will auto check the email’s mx record, then check if the email is hosted by office365 or gmail or yahoo, and write the emails into different txt file.

1. separate some business email and free email for some host which have both free and business account (like microsoft, netease etc)
2. add more host, current version supports 100+ email hosts now.

1. add aws, cisco, serverdata etc. host, it has 78+ hosts now.
    (download trial to check current host list).
2. fix an error that causes stop unexpectedly when load an non-standard csv file.

1. add some more email host, the sorter has 65+ hosts on it now.
2. optimize software UI for HD scaled screen.

1. for others, separate to ‘others with mx’ and ‘others without mx’ 2 item.
2. add csv file support, the output result file will be same format with the input file, like if the csv file has name, company name, age etc.  the result file will keep all those information with same format.
3. add several hosts, the sorter has 50+ hosts now

1. add more email hosts, now sorter supports 46 email hosts.
2. add “select all” and “reverse select” feature, users can select what they need to sort quickly.
3. add pause & resume, so that user can pause it anytime you want.

added 10+ email hosts

add 1and1, mimecast, hinet, synaq, mweb, chinaemail, zmail, yizhigher, coremail etc. support

add 263, aliyun, namecheap

add Rackspace, qq, netease, networksolutions support

add Godaddy support

first version
supports Office365, Gmail, Yahoo, Others 4 items

It supports multi-thread, works very fast

Download Trial Version


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