April, 2022

[Original Software] Mail List Fetcher v2.2 via IMAP POP & MSExchange

Feature:User loads some email,pass combos,The fetcher can auto connect to the the email’s IMAP, POP3 or Exchange serverThen it fetches all emails from every folder (inbox, draft, sent, even junk, trash and user-built folder) of the email.Then the fetcher parse every email’s header and get the email address of the sender or receiver (and cc […]

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[Original Software] Cafe24 & Squirrel & MailNara Judger (3 in 1)

This is a new email judger for Cafe24, Squirrel and MailNara.User loads emails, then this judger can check if emails are Cafe24 emails or Squirrel emails or MailNara emailsOne tool, 3 webmail system supportinglike my other judger, this judger can also get the different emails’s login url too. Download Trial

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[Original Software] Email Category Detector v1.1

How it works: User loads some emails and put some keywordsThis detector can check if the emails associate with the keywords so that it can detect the email owner belong which categoryIt checks email’s domain, user and the domain’s website content. v1.1add an option that users can select to search from full html OR from […]

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[Original Software] Phone Number Sorter v1.6

This Phone Number Sorter is a software that can check phone number’s (including mobile numbers and landline numbers) Country Code, Country Name, Area Code, Location, Type, Carrier(Phone Service Provider), Timezone info etc…And the tool can separate the numbers into different category files by their country or by their carrier. For more features & functions, don’t […]

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