[Original Software] Phone Number Sorter v1.6

This Phone Number Sorter is a software that can check phone number’s (including mobile numbers and landline numbers) Country Code, Country Name, Area Code, Location, Type, Carrier(Phone Service Provider), Timezone info etc…
And the tool can separate the numbers into different category files by their country or by their carrier.

For more features & functions, don’t hesitate to contact me and give me more suggestions, so that I can add more features and make it more powerful.

update logs:
add area code
add counters on UI (status bar) that can count how many wireless(or not) from the numbers checked.

add “group by location (state or city)

add “group by type”

add the ability to check phone number’s sms email gateway

add an option whether save mobile or wireless numbers only

combine many data source, to make it detect more carriers

first version

Download Trial Version

Phone Number Sorter Preview (click picture to see big preview)

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