[Original Software] Mail List Fetcher via IMAP and POP3

User loads some email,pass combos,
The fetcher can auto connect to the the email’s IMAP or POP3 server
Then it fetches all emails from every folder (inbox, draft, sent, even junk, trash and user-built folder) of the email.
Then the fetcher parse every email’s header and get the email address of the sender or receiver (and cc address if it exists) and saves them into a file.

The fetcher supports any email which supports IMAP or POP3 protocol, including office365, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol and most emails on the market.

the format of the email,pass list is every email,pass in a straight line, user and pass separated by comma (,) or colon (:)

support add server config depending on mx record
like if you load emails with different domains all hosted on office365, u don’t need to add every domain one by one

first version

Download Trial Version


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