[Original Software] Mail List Fetcher v2.4 via IMAP POP & MSExchange

User loads some email,pass combos,
The fetcher can auto connect to the the email’s IMAP, POP3 or Exchange server
Then it fetches all emails from every folder (inbox, draft, sent, even junk, trash and user-built folder) of the email.
Then the fetcher parse every email’s header and get the email address of the sender or receiver (and cc address if it exists) and saves them to result file(s).

The fetcher works well for any email which supports IMAP, POP3 or Microsoft Exchange protocol, including office365, OWA, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol and most emails on the market are well supported for fetcher.

the format of the email,pass list is every email,pass in a straight line, user and pass separated by comma (,) or colon (:)

Update history:
support oauth login for office365

1. optimize office365 emails trys (support multiple protocol set in one rule in server_list)
2. fix an error that shows non-english folder name incorrectly
3. auto detect utf-8 with BOM file encoding when load email,pass

1. add auto reconnecting feature, to make it more stable under unstable network

1. fixed some bugs and optimization for exchange protocol (2.0.0 – 2.0.6)
2. add search, user can put keyword(s) (if multiple, comma separated) to search from email subject and body*
3. add email date range, user can fetch or search between 2 date*
4. add an option to let user decide if fetch emails (if not, it just check if email,pass can login)
5. more rules and unify format for server_list file
*note: the 2nd and 3rd update only support exchange protocol emails like office365, owa,, etc.  these 2 features don’t support imap or pop protocol yet

1. add socks5 proxy support,  user can load proxies, then the fetcher will rotate to use those proxies.
2. add Microsoft Exchange protocol support,  the fetcher can fetch any email which supports exchange including OWA email even it doesn’t enable imap/pop.

1. add try user before @ as username
2. fix  an error which cause new certification says ‘ssl cert error’
3. add more pre-set severs in server_list to make it auto detect more mail settings
4. optimize UI for HD scaled screen.

1. add pop menu for the list, so that user can be easy to copy the email, pass or email’s domain
2. for each email, it supports set multiple servers, fetcher can check one by one if more server were set, then it got more opportunity to detect the correct server.
3. add more pre-set server config.

1. add folder filter, now you can config which folder(s) you want to fetch, which folder(s) you don’t want to fetch.
2. support downloading attachment files from email when it’s fetching
3. support saving correct user&pass, so that user can get the correct account and remove the bad account
4. support saving results into different files for different email account
5. support variable #domain# for server config file
6. fix a bug which may cause aol email stuck when fetching

support add server config depending on mx record
like if you load emails with different domains all hosted on office365, u don’t need to add every domain one by one

first version

Download Trial Version


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