Be carefully about the fake contact id, don’t contact wrong people

hello everyone

some of my friends told me that there are some people impersonate as me
especially on skype and telegram, there are several fake id, they use exact the same as my profile.

all of my contact info are here
including Email, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp and Mobile number

please be careful
my only skype id is live:sanmaosoft
not live:su.ruiqiang
not live:sanmaosoft1
not live:sanmaosoft_2

my only telelgram id is @suruiqiang
not @suruiqiang0
not @sanmao
not @sanmaosoft

my only email is
my only perfect money account is U1548452

my old ICQ id (692355097) was blocked in 2020, I created new one in 2024.
my only icq is @real_sanmaosoft
not @sanmao
not @sanmaosoft

for skype, please identify what is the screen name and what is the skype id or skype name
skype id or skype name is unique for each skype account, and it can’t be changed after registered
screen name can be set to any text
so that the scammer change its skype’s screen name to my skype id, please be careful for this situation.
like this picture(below one is skype id/name, the above one is screen name):

when u search my id skype
skype will give u several results
only one is real me, the others are fake
how to identify?
u can check everyone’s profile info
and then check the skype id (not screenname, because screenname can be anything)

check the pictures below:

the above one is my correct id
and the below ones are fake

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