Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the smtp cracker

Q: When I run the smtp cracker on a new computer/rdp, it says “the application was unable to start correctly (0x0150002). click ok to close application”, what can I do?

A: If you see this error when u run the smtp cracker, it means your system misses some files
to fix it, you can download and install this:

Q: I can’t get even one smtp with smtp cracker on one computer/rdp, but it can get lots of smtps on the other computer/rdp, why?

A: Mostly, it’s because the rdp’s provider or your network provider blocks your port 25
port 25 is smtp protocol’s standard port, if it’s blocked, you can use proxy or vpn, or you can move it to (another) rdp.
by the way, some anti-virus or firewall may blocks port 25 too, like Norton, you can disable the “mail protection” on Norton’s firewall to get unblocked.

Q: How can I check if my port 25 is blocked

A: You can click the blue link on right-bottom of the smtp cracker, the link text is “Test if my ISP block port 25”
then, click “connect” button.
if it says “connect successfully”, it means port is ok.
if it says “connect failed”, it means port is blocked.

Q: There are some results showing on the software, but how can i save them to file?

A: If you are using trial version, the trial version can’t save results into file
if you are using full version, the results are auto saved into a txt file, and the txt file is created in the same folder with the software.
by the way, I don’t suggest you to run the software in winrar, you had better extract files into a folder from zip package before you use it, if you run it in winrar, winrar will auto extract software in a deep directory where is hard to find, so it will be hard to find where the result file is.

Q: I got many smtps, but I find some of them can’t send emails even their user&pass are correct, what to do about that?

A: If so, you can mark the option “send a mail for test when cracked successfully”, and then type your email address
then, it will auto send an email for test when it get every smtp, and it will only list the results which can send emails, the smtps which can’t send email will be ignored.

Q: How many emails can I load for cracking?
A: The more the better, usually we load more than 1 million emails for cracking
the more emails u load, the more chance you get more results

Q: How many thread count can I set?
A: It depends on your network speed, the default 150 is good for most network environment, if you have a very fast bandwidth you can increase some thread, and if your network is very slow you can reduce that number.
the more thread count you set, the fast it works, the more network traffic it takes.

Q: Is it right that the more password I put the better it works?

A: I don’t think so, if you put too many password, it will cost too much time on every email, that’s not a good idea.

Q: I saw some strange pass in the password list as default, like #user#, #domain#, what do they mean and what else can I add like them?

A: those are variable password, that means those passwords auto change when the cracker is cracking different email
like when the cracker is cracking email, the #user# will become aaa, and then cracker cracks, the #user# will be bbb

here is the list that shows all variable the cracker supports (v1.6.5 and later)

variable explain eg:
#user# the email’s username before sign ‘@’ peter
#User# like #user# but its first letter is capital Peter
#USER# like #user# but entire user is capital PETER
#domaincenter# the center part of email’s domain xyz
#Domaincenter# like #domaincenter# but first letter is capital Xyz
#DOMAINCENTER# like #domaincenter# but entire is capital XYZ
#domainleft# the first part of email’s domain mail
#Domainleft# like #domainleft# but first letter is capital Mail
#DOMAINLEFT# like #domainleft# but entire is capital MAIL
#domain# email’s entire domain
#Domain# like #domain# but first letter is capital
#DOMAIN# like #domain# but entire is capital MAIL.XYZ.COM

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