[Update News] Email Scraper Update To v2.7

Email Scraper v2.7 is available now Change log:1. first version of email scraper (v1.0)2. add proxy support, support http and socks4 proxy now, to prevent search engine banned our ip or ask to type captcha. (added in 2.2)3. it can load unlimited keywords now (even your keyword file is 1GB, it works well) (added in […]

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[Update News] Smtp Cracker Update to v1.7.3

Smtp Cracker’s latest v1.7.3 is available. notice: the latest version has supported cracking emails from yahoo hotmail gmail. 1.7.3 1. now cracker support loading email,pass, if there is pass after email, then cracker will use this pass instead of the pass list 2. the extra support more than one (comma or semicolon separated), and extra […]

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