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[Update News] Smtp Cracker Update to v1.6.5

Smtp Cracker’s latest v1.6.5 is available. notice: the latest version has supported cracking emails from yahoo hotmail gmail. Here are the update details of 1.6.5 1.add more variable for pass list, add #User#, #USER#, #domainleft#, #Domaincenter# etc. click here to check all variable and their meaning. 2.Result list add smtp server’s country & city, detect […]

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[Original Software] SMTP Mail Cracker

Features & How to use: 1. Import an e-mail address list which includes as many as possible(you can get the e-mail addresses by other e-mail collector). 2. Set some commonly weak passwords, the password support #user#, #domain# etc. as variable (the software will auto generate the the pass string depend on the currently cracking mail). […]

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