[Update News] Smtp Cracker Update to v1.8

Smtp Cracker’s latest v1.8 is available. v1.81. add auto refresh socks5 proxy 2. support socks5 with user pass auth (format should be user:pass@ip:port)3. spcialserver list support MxInclude, so that use can specify server by mx4. add an option that use can set how many smtp trys for each proxy5. optimize the test mail’s mail header6. […]

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[Original Software] SMTP Mail Cracker

Features & How to use: 1. Import an e-mail address list which includes as many as possible(you can get the e-mail addresses by other e-mail collector). 2. Set some commonly weak passwords, the password support #user#, #domain# etc. as variable (the software will auto generate the the pass string depend on the currently cracking mail). […]

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