[Original Software] Sanmao Ftp Cracker / Scanner


1.The software automatically search keywords you typed from many search engine(support 8 popular search engine now, and will be more).

2.Auto extract domains from search result to crack.

3.Crack ftp of the domains using weak user/pass list(user/pass list can be customized). domain white list, the domains in white list will be bypassed, (eg: many search result are Wikipedia’s sub-page, then you can add to white list, it will avoid wasting time.

5.once a domain is cracked, the software can automatically check the domain’s Google pr,Alexa rank and search cache date(it’s very useful for seo),and it will be auto saved to file.’s support auto shutdown when cracking finishes.

How to use:

1.type some keywords.

2.set some user/pass (you can use the default too). some search engine which you want to use. start. can go to sleep now, when you wake up, you have already gotten lots of ftp account.



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