[Update News] Smtp Cracker Update to v1.8

Smtp Cracker’s latest v1.8 is available.

1. add auto refresh socks5 proxy
2. support socks5 with user pass auth (format should be user:pass@ip:port)
3. spcialserver list support MxInclude, so that use can specify server by mx
4. add an option that use can set how many smtp trys for each proxy
5. optimize the test mail’s mail header
6. for result format, add support #country# variable

1. auto detect the ssl type to improve for ssl smtp.
2. for the email pass combos, add colon (:) delimiter, it supports both comma(,) and colon(:) now.
3. fix a mistake in previous version

this version has been deprecated because it has a crucial mistake.

1. now cracker support loading email,pass, if there is pass after email, then cracker will use this pass instead of the pass list
2. the extra support more than one (comma or semicolon separated), and extra server support #domain# as variable too (for more info about the variable, check the FAQ’s question 9)

fix an error that may cause re-boot on rdp with windows 2016 server

Here are the update details of 1.7.1
1.add Anonymous as username, so that the cracker can get smtp which doesn’t need authentication.
2.add connection timeout option, user can adjust timeout to fit different network environment.

Here are the update details of 1.6.5
1.add more variable for pass list, add #User#, #USER#, #domainleft#, #Domaincenter# etc.
click here to check all variable and their meaning.
2.Result list add smtp server’s country & city, detect the location of smtp server by server’s ip.
3.separate server and port in result list and FormatResult, so that user can configure server and port flexibly.
4.add more default pass

Here are the update details of 1.6.4
1.Change SMTP’s EHLO command param from fixed to random to avoid being blocked by server

Here are the update details of 1.6.3
1.add “Extra Server” that allow use specify an extra smtp server
2.fix an bug that may cause “Internal Error” occurs
3.port test improvement, port test feature now supports multiple servers.

Here are the update details of v1.6.2
1.add smtp server ip address in result list and result file
2.add a link that u can open your result file with one click for those people who feel diffcult to find the result file
3.passcode protected for cracker

Here are the update details of v1.6.1
1.added Domain’s MX record as smtp server
2.added port to connect, users can config which port the cracker will try to connect to, it supports multi-ports(split with comma)
3.result’s format can be specified, in case u will import results to any sender
4.added a new variable #domaincenter# for password list, then users can make new password according to the email’s domain

Here are the earlier update details: more password, you can load unlimited passwords (added in v1.1) socks5 proxy, you can load a proxy list, if you did, the software will use one by one when it is scanning smtp. (added in v.1.3) customized test email, test email can contain result info (like server user pass) (added in v1.2) checking if your smtp port is blocked by your network provider (added in v1.4.2)
5.about smtp server’s domain, add webmail. + domain (added in v1.4.2)
6.optimize email load progress, it won’t freeze when you load a very large email list.(added in v1.4.3) SSL/TLS/STARTTLS encrypted secured smtp server.(added in v1.5.1) customized port for some email provider.(added in v1.5.1)
9.addressed and fixed some bugs in previous version (v1.5.2)
10.add SSL/TLS type and port info on result list on software and in the result file (added in v1.5.2)
11.fix some bugs which may cause it crashes (v1.5.3)
12.update openssl library (it doesnot need vs2008 redistributable any more) (v1.5.4)
13.running time supports to show more than 24 hours (v1.5.4)

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